With significant values

"As a family business, we have a special obligation towards our employees, business partners and the environment and are always aware of this social responsibility. For this reason, with a view to protecting current and future generations, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate policy."


Sustainability is an essential part of our corporate strategy. We are aware of our impact on the environment and society and promote all activities that serve to protect the environment and improve social issues. We are constantly enhancing our processes while also meeting tomorrow’s environmental and health protection requirements.


From the 2025 financial year, we are obliged to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our annual reports. We see this as an opportunity to act sustainably in the long term and are already preparing to integrate ESG principles into our corporate strategy and have our sustainability reports externally audited.

Company values

In our daily activities, we depend on the trust of our customers and of the wider public, as well as on the reputation of our company. As a family, it is therefore particularly important to us that our values and the values of our company are honoured every day - by us, our employees and our national and international partners.


Because we are aware that we need to use resources sparingly and protect the environment, we regularly report on the implementation of our strategies for ecological, social and economic sustainability in order to create transparency and comparability. In so doing, we consider the entire supply and value chain.

Integrity channel

Information relating to compliance is handled reliably, confidentially and transparently through established channels. We are aware that breaches of the rules can damage not only our company, but also society as a whole. Employees and outsiders should therefore report suspicions of any criminal offences and other infringements of the rules.